PRiCAN Top 10: “Detecting Cancer in Primary Care”

What is this all about?

“Detecting Cancer in Primary Care” is the title of a research prioritisation exercise being run by the PRiCAN team, starting in September 2023.

We know that:

  1. the earlier cancer is detected, the better the outcomes (increased survival and treatment tolerability),
  2. primary care professionals, such as GPs and Pharmacists, play a key role in detecting cancer early (before it has spread).

So, we are trying to put together a Top 10 list of the most important research studies that need to be done in the area of early cancer detection in primary care, to guide future research.

How does it work?

Phase 1 (September & October 2023) involves an online SURVEY of the public, patients and healthcare professionals. We need you to tell us what research needs to be done to help primary care professionals detect cancer earlier?

This survey is now open: click HERE to take part!

Phase 2 (Spring 2024) will involve a research prioritisation exercise. This means that a group of 20-30 stakeholders (patients, clinicians and researchers) will take part in an in-person workshop where they will discuss which of the suggestions from the survey they think are most important. At the end of the day, we will have a Top 10 list.

(After Phase 1, members of the PRiCAN team will whittle down the list of suggestions to a manageable size for the stakeholders in Phase 2. For more information on how this will be done, click HERE.)

What will you do with the Top 10 list?

The purpose of the Top 10 list is guide future research into early cancer detection in primary care, so we will share the Top 10 list:

  • in a scientific journal,
  • at scientific conferences,
  • via the SPARC stakeholder group,
  • on this website and on Twitter,
  • directly with health research funders.

In addition, we will disseminate the results via cancer advocacy groups, cancer charities, a public event in RCSI, as well as via RCSI’s media channels.

Who is charge?

Dr Ben Jacob, a GP and PhD student, is leading the project, under the supervision of Prof Patrick Redmond, Associate Professor of General Practice in RCSI. Other members of the PRiCAN team will assist with the work.

The running of the project is being overseen by a steering group formed by members of the “Stakeholder Group for Primary Care Research into Cancer” (SPARC).

Who funded this work?

Dr Ben Jacob was supported by a “HSE/ICGP Post CSCST Fellowship Award” to conduct this work. The Irish Cancer Society part-funded the consensus workshop, through a “PPI Award”. There were no other funders of this work.

Where can I find out more?

Get in touch by email.
To sign up for the consensus workshop.