Our Vision

PRiCAN was founded in 2022 by Professor Patrick Redmond in order to address the lack of primary care focused research into cancer.

In collaboration with a network of expert partners and patient advocates, we are working together to redefine primary care cancer research in Ireland. Our goal is to make meaningful strides in cancer care through collaborative research, patient involvement, and a focus on real-world healthcare solutions.

Primary Care Cancer Research

Primary care cancer research is a critical field of study focused on improving the prevention, detection, and management of cancer within primary healthcare settings—where patients often first seek medical help.

By focusing on primary care, our research aims to enhance the patient journey from the earliest suspicion of cancer, through diagnosis, to treatment and beyond.

The Impact of Cancer

Cancer affects millions of individuals globally, and its impact extends beyond the physical disease. It often brings emotional distress, impacts daily activities, and challenges the patient’s quality of life.

In Ireland, we are committed to transforming these experiences through our research, making cancer care more patient-centered, efficient, and effective.

Our Research Mission: PRiCAN

At PRiCAN, our mission is to pursue cutting-edge research that directly impacts patient care.

Our work revolves around understanding the complex mechanisms of cancer, predicting disease progression, improving current treatments, and identifying preventive strategies.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure every patient has access to the best possible care, guided by the latest research.

Why Our Research Matters

The Challenges We Tackle:

  • Controlling cancer progression
  • Predicting individual patient outcomes
  • Improving treatments—are shared across the medical community

By focusing on these issues in the context of primary care, we believe we can make a significant contribution to global cancer research and improve patient care both in Ireland and around the world.